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Collecting food waste - ReFood, your partner

Are you searching for a reliable partner for the collection of food waste and vegetable frying oils and fats? ReFood is market leader in the collection and processing of ‘everything that’s left over from food’! After collection from your establishment, we take care of all the registration and documentation and we clean our containers so you always get a fresh and clean one in return.

Step 1 | Collecting food waste

For collecting food waste, ReFood has a broad network of locations and a modern fleet of over 400 of its own trucks equipped with a loading ramp and rear-view camera.

Step 2 | Digital route planning and registration

Our online planning system enables us to enter changes to the route at any time, so we can fit emergency collections within our schedule easily. We always have an overview of the route our trucks actually take and clients can sign and date the collection digitally.

Step 3 | Separating types of waste

At our plants, the containers are first separated according to waste type and are then emptied. There are special disposal areas for kitchen and food waste, unpackaged and packaged food waste, bone and meat waste as well as for used frying oils and fats.

Step 4 | Container wash stations

After emptying, the ReFood containers pass through an automatic washing station. They are cleaned inside and out using high pressure hot water (65 degrees Celsius) and biodegradable cleaning agents. This guarantees a thorough cleaning in accordance with the most stringent hygiene standards.

Step 5 | Final check

After washing, our staff check the containers for cleanliness and any damage. The containers are taken to a separate hall for drying. Even in winter ReFood clients are supplied with dry and odour-free containers.

Step 6 | Vehicle disinfection

Before the truck is re-loaded with clean containers for the next delivery, the drivers clean the inside and outside of each vehicle thoroughly and disinfect the complete loading area in accordance with the HACCP Hygiene Code.

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