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ReFood, your partner for collecting food waste

The collection of food waste is an everyday fact for food producers, the hospitality industry and for small & medium enterprises; ReFood is the market leader in the collection and processing of ‘everything that’s left over from food’!

Refood partner voor die inzameling van voedselresten

Hospitality industry

From fast-food chains to Michelin starred restaurants, food waste is unavoidable. And at events, caterers need to take into account everything that’s left at the end. ReFood collects all food waste and after each container exchange you get a fresh container that has been cleaned inside and out. Read more

Industrial kitchens

In large canteens, care homes, hotels, hospitals and schools huge numbers of meals are prepared every single day and not everything gets eaten. ReFood offers a flexible service that safeguards hygiene at your establishment and that enables container exchange multiple times a week. Read more


Products that are no longer sellable (packaged or unpackaged) such as overripe fruit, processed vegetables, stale bread, bones & meat, fish, over date products and products from such things as freezer breakdowns are all products that ReFood collects. As Category III specialist, ReFood provides reliable collection and processing. Read more

Food industry

Rejected products and other waste need to be registered and disposed of correctly. Discretion is needed when disposing of large amounts of foods. During collection, transport and delivery of production rejects, we can guarantee absolute anonymity. ReFood can also provide disposal under customs supervision in compliance with statutory provisions, where needed.

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