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Our three options at a glance

ReFood has developed user-friendly and easy to move wheeled containers especially for the collection of your food waste, even in large quantities, and/or your used frying oils and fats.

Culino wheeled container - for collecting food waste

  • For the collection of both packaged and unpackaged food waste.
  • Capacity of 120 litres or 240 litres.
  • During the container exchange you always get a container that has been cleaned inside and out.
  • A clean container every week if required.

Oelo90 Wheeled container - for collecting frying oils and fats

  • The large opening and sturdy wheel construction means that this container can be filled and moved easily.
  • Eight strong plastic locking clamps provide entirely air-tight and leak-free lid closure.
  • The transparent walls make it easy to keep an eye on the capacity level.
  • Our Oleo90 has a capacity of 100 litres (max. 91.3 kg).
  • First-class fee.

ReFood BigBox - for collection

  • Capacity 600 litres
  • Extremely suitable for clients with large amounts of waste at the end of production lines.
  • For collectors of packaged frying fats
  • For unexpectedly large amounts of waste following such things as refrigeration malfunction or rejection of foods.

Green electricity

ReFood uses the sustainable electricity generated from biogas in its own production processes as well as supplying this to the national grid. Read more

ReFood Biogas concept

The organic material for the ReFood biogas plants is comprised entirely of food waste. Read more

Climate-neutral television

The energy from a small Culino container can run a TV in a climate-neutral way 24 hours a day for a week (27 kWh).  Read more

Would you like to know more about us?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.
Email: / Telefoon: +31 (0) 318 830 275