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Who we are

ReFood is part of the SARIA Group, which has 11,000 employees in 26 different countries. We are committed to a sustainable world and a healthier life.

The SARIA group is active internationally as a producer of high-quality products, food and feed products for people and animals, for aquaculture and for industrial applications. SARIA also produces sustainable energy and provides services to agriculture and the food industry.

ReFood has been collecting kitchen and food waste, used frying and other oils and fats and out of date products (ODP) from the hospitality industry, commerce and industry since the late 1980s.

Over 70,000 clients put their trust in ReFood services. The company collects over 550,000 tonnes of food waste per year. With a national network of logistics and processing companies, over 1,000 employees and 400 special vehicles, ReFood is a competent and reliable collection partner. ReFood is market leader in Germany and is also active in other European countries including the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France.

Where you can find us

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Email: / Telefoon: +31 (0) 318 830 275